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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Father with son: Building together (part 1)

In January 2020, my died at the ripe age of 93. In this two-part blog, I write about my vivid memories of helping him build the above garage in the 1960s. My dad built his brick-built garage, one small piece at a time…with a little help from his son…

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My Dad: 1926-2020 – A tribute

I recently lost my Dad, Derreck Parkes. At 93, he was worn out and faded away peacefully on 28 January this year. Since it was clear his life was drawing to a close towards the end of last year, I prepared for his loss, at least to some extent. Losing my Dad has caused me to reflect on his qualities a human being, and his impact on my sister and me as a father.

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